ABC with SweetSanté

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What is Sweetsanté?

Sweetsanté is made from SweetPearl® maltitol, a sweetening agent naturally occurring in plant food sources such as wheat and maize. Just like white sugar, Sweetsanté is also a combination of 2 components of simple sugar. Sugar comes in the form of sucrose (Glucose + Fructose) whereas Sweetsanté comes in the form of maltitol (Glucose + Sorbitol).


Where is Sweetsanté from?

Sweetsanté is a green innovative product from world renowned producer of polyols, Roquette France. In fact, Roquette is the world market leader in the production of natural health ingredients. Please refer to Roquette Website for more information.


How does Sweetsanté when compared to sugar?

Sweetsanté tastes just like sugar — as sweet as sugar + gives the same persistency as sugar


sweetpearl® sucrose M.O. Portmann & D. Kilcast,
Food Chemistry, 56 (3), 291-302, 1996

Sweetsanté Sugar(Sucrose)
2.4 kcal Calories 4.0 kcal
29 Glycaemic Index 70
Proven not cariogenic Causing tooth decay Yes

What are the benefits of Sweetsanté?

Sweetsanté has about half the calories of sugar, a low glycaemic index and is safe for dental health.


How do I use Sweetsanté in foods?

Sweetsanté can be added into any food and beverage just like you would with sugar. In fact, it enhances the taste of some foods, such as the rich flavour of cocoa in chocolate. No substantial changes are required when you substitute sugar with Sweetsanté. Unlike the conventional artificial sweetener, Sweetsanté can be cooked at any temperature with no unpleasant aftertaste.


Why should I use Sweetsanté?

Upholding Dr Lelord Kordel’s (the founder of ) advocacy of health through nutrition with research-based products on nutritional healing and disease prevention, Sweetsanté is another product of Kordel’s that meets the health needs of most Malaysians. Sweetsanté is a healthier substitute to sugar, with the same sweetness but with 50% less calories and a low glycaemic index (29).


How safe is Sweetsanté?

Sweetsanté is safe for consumption and is recognised worldwide as safe for consumption. The following are some of the regulatory statuses of Sweetsanté awarded by several authorities.

  • GRAS – ‘Generally recognised as safe’ by US Food and Drug Authorisation (FDA)
  • JEFCA (The Joint Food and Agriculture Organization/World Health Organization Expert Committee on Food Additives) – ‘No limit in usage’

Sweetsanté is a natural product and it does not have any contraindication. It is safe for pregnant mothers and kids too. *Do not take in excess as it may cause stomach discomfort. When taken as a daily sugar substitute, you can safely enjoy Sweetsanté’s delightful sweetness & health benefits.


What is the difference between Sweetsanté A, B and C?

Sweetsanté A, B and C contain the same ingredient – maltitol. They differ mainly in their granule size, packaging as well as suggested usage.

Sweetsanté A Sweetsanté B Sweetsanté C
Granule Size Regular crystals Fine powder Regular crystals
Packaging 20 sachets in a carton 400g in an aluminium pouch 500g in a canister
Suggested usage Added into drinks Baking Cooking