It tastes just like sugar...

'Santé' means 'Health' in French. The name "Sweetsanté" literally means "Sweet Health". Sweetsanté, a healthy sweetness substitute for satisfactory sweetness & safe for health.


Enjoy 100% Sweet Delight

Simply replace the exact amount of sugar with Sweetsanté in all your drinks or recipes. It tastes just like sugar with no unpleasant aftertaste. In fact, the addition of SweetSanté enhances the flavour and taste of food and beverages.


Naturally derived from Cereals

The cereals-derived SweetPearl® maltitol gives a natural sweetness that is similar to common white granulated sugar, with only half the calories. Suitable for health conscious people & people who need to manage blood sugar levels & weight.

Save a bit, Benefit a lot

50%calorie savings
50%lower glycaemic index

Low Calorie

  • Half the calories of sugar
  • Prevents unwanted weight gain
  • Prevents weight-related disorder

Low GI (=29)

  • Helps regulate blood sugar
  • Prevents sugar spikes
  • Reduces hunger pangs
100%sweet delight with no sugar spike

In other words, even with the same recipe, preparation with Sweetsanté gives you 100% sweet delight with no guilt and no health worries. Enjoy the 100% sweetness, with reduced calories and no blood sugar spike & no worries of unwanted weight!

Sweetsanté is a product of Roquette, France;
registering under the trademark of SweetPearl®.

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