Natural sugar substitute

it tastes just like sugar ...

1. Proven low glycaemic responses and low insulinemic response with Sweetsanté

low-glycemic response

Sweetsanté causes virtually no sugar spike after 60 minutes of consumption. This shows that Sweetsanté does not trigger a sugar peak and provides more sustainable energy over time. This is also reflected in the low insulin release in response to Sweetsanté consumption.

2. Proven low glycemic responses after consumption of Maltitol-added muffin


● bread     □ plain muffin     △ muffins with maltitol

Lower blood sugar spike after consumption of muffins with maltitol.

3. Proven glycaemic response to Sweetsanté is similar irrespective of ethnic background

In response to maltitol, the change in blood sugar level does not differ among White, South Indian and Chinese subjects.